How to select a low cost motel in Brisbane

Getting the best accommodation while staying within budget

A good, low cost motel can help keep your accommodation costs within budget and make your trip to Brisbane a lot easier to manage and enjoy.

Although, just because you’re spending less money, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to miss out on some key comfort features during your stay. Or, end up staying somewhere a long distance from the places you want to visit.

So, how do you select low cost accommodation, in a good location and make the most of your trip to Brisbane?

Here’s a few key factors you’ll likely want to consider in choosing your budget friendly motel…

Is the motel’s location suitable?

The whole point of staying at a motel in another location, is to give you more convenient access to that location.

This could include attending a sporting event, at somewhere like the Queensland Tennis Centre or the Gabba. Perhaps, you’re travelling for work, or attending training, at somewhere like the Construction Training Centre in Salisbury. Maybe you’re visiting friends and family in the area…

Whatever the reason for your stay, being in a suitably convenient location is key.


Transport options

In addition to the geographic location, accessibility to required transport options is also important.

For example, if in town for a sporting event, being able to leave your car at the motel, while you take public transport to the game, is a great option to have.

Our location

At Moorooka Motel, our location, just 8km from the Brisbane CBD, between Annerley and Archerfield. This provides an ideal destination for accessing a wide range of activities on the south side of Brisbane.

Guest also enjoy covered car parking and proximity to public transport.

The right motel location can save money

The right location, will not only save on travel times, but also reduce travel costs during your stay.

This can further assist in keeping your trip within budget… and makes your stay that bit more enjoyable!

Are the room rates within my budget?

Of course, to be a suitable low cost option, the motel needs to be competitive in their rack rates. Ensure that the rate also reflects the type of room you need, as some motels can vary greatly in their room inclusions and pricing.

If staying for multiple nights, there may also be discounts available to the advertised rate, so be sure to check with the motel to see what they offer.

Moorooka Motel provides some of the cheapest rates in Brisbane, with double rooms for only $90/night and twin share for just $110/night. For stays of 3 nights or more, discounts to these rates are also given (details available on request).

Will there be additional expenses from the motel for things I need?

For a truly low cost solution, ideally your motel will include the things you’ll need, without the need to pay extra.

These could include access to wi-fi internet, covered parking and daily servicing. Coincidently, these are all included in the room rates at Moorooka Motel.

Are there suitable food options within my budget?

One of the first things many people do after checking into their accommodation, is go and find somewhere to eat.

When booking your accommodation, it’s a great idea to check that the motel is close to suitable food options, at reasonable prices. See the wide selection of cost efficient local food options you can enjoy while staying at Moorooka Motel.

Will I be able to get a good night’s sleep?

Particularly if you’re travelling for work or study, you want to give yourself the best chance of quality sleep during your stay. Nothing can make you miss your own bed sooner than interrupted or poor quality sleep.

One of the biggest hindrances to sleep can be elevated noise levels overnight. For this reason, when selecting budget accommodation, avoiding places very close to night time entertainment or bars, can help ensure your sleep is not interrupted.

Moorooka Motel provides soundproofed rooms that back onto a suburban street, providing the ideal environment to enjoy great sleep during your stay. Freshly renovated rooms also assist with this.

Could Moorooka Motel be your ideal budget option?

It is possible to enjoy great accommodation, without having to exceed your budget. Many visitors to Brisbane, select Moorooka Motel to provide this for them.

Offering a combination of low rates, great service, a convenient location and recently renovated rooms, this could be ideal solution for your next trip too.

If you’re looking to stay on the Southside of Brisbane, and looking for a great low cost motel option, why not enquire with us today?

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